This Month for My Patreon Supporters

This Month for My Patreon Supporters

Each month my Patreon supporters who contribute $7, $11, or $25 per month receive a fun bit of mail from me. Patreon serves as an art subscription service for my paper goods, illustrated products, and small original illustrations.


This month, my $11 subscribers are receiving my new Yoga Goddess mini-cushion and a lovely note card designed by me.


If you want a package every month from me then head on over to my Patreon profile subscribe now!


More about my Patreon Art Subscription Service:

Every month I’m writing new zines, designing new textiles, and creating loads of self-directed work. I want a super easy way of sharing this work with my followers. Patreon gives me a way of offering you a way to subscribe to my work!

​At the various reward levels you will get either access to my most secret projects or you’ll get actual physical goodies in your mailbox every month! A subscription service gives you the joy of a package of goodies each month while it helps me, a freelance artist, get the benefit of an income I can count on each month.

Not having a consistent income is one of the most challenging aspects of being a freelance artist, especially one working on a lot of self-initiated projects. A platform like this gives me the opportunity to fill in those income gaps with a steady stream of donations as I complete projects.

Additionally, the self-published works I create and giclee prints of art all cost money to print so being able to get a little bit of cash once a work is done being drawn can help me make the next step of printing zines, comics, and fine art prints.