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Miss Pony Centaur Plushie

  Inspired by a recent Spoonflower competition with the theme of Mythic Creature Plushies, I decided to create a new plushie design featuring a female centaur. This plushie features a red-headed, eyeglass wearing, purple-pony-bodied centaur holding her bow and arrows. She is also accompanied by her...

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New Patterns in my Spoonflower Shop

Recently, I shared some surface design patterns I had developed for a big art installation project I'm working on for Spaceworks Tacoma for their new 1120 Pacific Ave building. I had the patterns printed through Spoonflower onto matte wallpaper as well as some cotton fabric...

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Make Your Own Softies

I designed two little illustrated cushion plushie softie creatures a few months ago and have been stitching them up to sell at craft shows and such. Now you can order fabric and sew your own! Both the giraffe and the rainbow girl riding the drallamaram...

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