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New Limited Edition, Handmade Bandanas

My last batch of Grimm Bunny Bandanas sold out so quickly that I just made a new design  since these are pretty fun to make. The new bandana is also hand dyed and screenprinted by me. This one features an illustration taken from my tarot-inspired...

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New in the Shop: Handmade, Screenprinted Pillows

Over the summer I busily created a range of new handmade, screenprinted textile offerings. Here it is October and I'm still working on adding these to my site! This week I finally added two new pillow designs to the shop, the Bunny Rider Pillow and the...

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New in the Shop: Grim Bunny Bandanas

  New in the shop this week are some handmade, limited edition bandanas I recently made. The cotton fabric is hand-dyed by me using a heat-set dye. I then screenprinted my Grim Bunny illustration on these in black, heat set ink.   Each one is unique and in...

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