Tacoma is for Lovers

Tacoma is for Lovers

I have been designing event posters for the artist craft fair known as, Tacoma is for Lovers, since 2014. They hold the fair 2-3 times per year and for each event I illustrate a new poster design usually inspired by upcoming holidays as well as one or two animals chosen by the event organizers.


I’ve really enjoyed this ongoing project, the chance to develop a series of event posters with a continuous thread of style and inspiration. It’s also a great way to see the way my illustration style and technique has been developing over the past few years.


In the Fall of 2015 I was also tasked with illustrating a new t-shirt design, which I’ve also included here.



I love illustrating event poster so feel free to contact me for information on designing a poster for your next event at Erika {at} Erika Rier {dot} com


January 20, 2016



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