Revisionist Histories

Revisionist Histories

Revisionist Histories are a series of works on paper inspired by real history but wildly revised. The first drawing in the series, depicting a bird woman being primped by an army of cat-headed women servants, was inspired by a very small passage in the book The Stranger and the Statesman by Nina Burleigh.


While working on this piece, my 12-year old daughter became interested in how I had taken a bit of history and made it into a strange drawings. She became eager to find more snippets of history for me to draw while doing her daily history readings for school. The second drawing in the series comes from a reading she did about a ruler who liked to watch exotic animals fight to the death. Many of the in-progress drawings in the series are also gleaned from her school readings.

The third history, also from my daughter’s readings, involved a British naval officer who lost his ear during a pirate attack on his vessel. He then pickled his ear so that he could prove to the King that he had indeed been attacked by pirates.

You can purchase giclee prints of this series through my Society 6 page.



January 11, 2016



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