Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies

After working on my series, Women on Short-legged Animals, I decided that I’d like to do a series of looser, painted works on paper. Having been a painter in my teens and twenties, I’ve spent the better part of the last decade working on drawings and line work. I’ve had little desire to work on compositions which were paint without ink until creating a few of the Women on Short-legged Animals.


I’ll admit, that I first started Painted Ladies, as a response to the good feedback I’d gotten to the painted Women. I felt frustrated that people seemed to respond so strongly to work I felt was lacking technique or narrative. I have always had a difficult relationship with looser work, abstractions, and simplistic forms. I like to push myself to do work that makes me uncomfortable or even work which I find frustrating. With this in mind, I decide to create more painted works with looser forms but with more “murder” in them.


I plan on continuing to play around with these painted pieces, to see if they bring me someplace new. I’m curious to see if their influence starts creeping into more of my compositions. I’ve already created two new art zines utilizing some of these techniques and ideas.


You can purchase prints from this series here.


July 16, 2016


Drawing, Painting

painting, works on paper