Mythic Ephemera – Out of Print

Mythic Ephemera – Out of Print

Last year, longer time followers of my work might remember, that I created a large art installation in Tacoma, WA for a Spaceworks Tacoma Artscape. It was a huge endeavor, featuring 7 life-sized, hand-drawn, jointed paper dolls and various hand-drawn ephemera as well as a temporary chalk paint illustration on a window which was 8 feet tall by 45 feet wide.


From the first conception of this project, I had intended to create an accompanying coloring book full of dolls based on the dolls in the Mythic Ephemera installation. I wanted to give people the chance to create their own dolls through coloring, cutting, and assembling them how they saw fit. Unfortunately, due to funding constraints and a sudden out-of-state move, I didn’t get around to creating this companion activity book until fairly recently.


This coloring zine is available to purchase in my shop.


May 21, 2016


Zines & Comics

coloring book, paper dolls