Illustrated Creature Cushions

Illustrated Creature Cushions

In 2014 I started designing illustrated pillows which I call Creature Cushions. As a child some of my favorite toys were simple stuffed pillows, shaped and illustrated like characters and creatures. I’ve been trying to recreate the sense of wonder I felt staring at the detailed drawings printed on fabric with my own line of illustrated Creature Cushions.


All of the pillow designs are created by hand in ink, gouache, and watercolor. I illustrate the front characters and then create a coordinating surface pattern for the back of the pillow as well. I then scan the image and have it printed onto fabric by I cut, sew, and stuff them myself. You can shop my current Creature Cushions in my shop or buy yardage of the fabric and make your own from Spoonflower.


I’ve recently been working on some screen-printed and embroidered cushions as well. These I draw and burn screens for, then screen print the designs myself onto fabric. I then hand-embroider embellishment on them.


March 14, 2015



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