Goddesses & Villains

Goddesses & Villains

This show is on display from September 1st-October 3rd, 2017 at the MAC Gallery in Portland, OR. Details & RSVP here.

Whether they are from the ancient past like Inanna or from vibrant, modern day religions such as Durga, goddesses play a major role in my work. Reading tales of there adventures and battles inspire countless pieces of artwork. A good portion of my most recent work has been especially influenced by the Sumerian goddess Inanna, as I work through a loose series based upon the poetry we still have regarding her.


And what good story about a goddess doesn’t have a villain? A dark force for her to rally against and persevere? Or there are the tales where a goddess loses her own sense of good and evil and finding herself lost in her own blood lust, she herself becomes a villain, if only temporarily.


January 9, 2017