Event Posters

Event Posters

I love drawing event posters! For the past few years, I’ve been illustrating event posters for Tacoma is for Lovers Artist Craft Fair (I give them their own¬†¬†portfolio here). Recently, I’ve started getting to draw event posters for a few new events which I’ll be posting here.


Recent events I’ve illustrated for are Wacktastic hosted by the Portland Zine Symposium, the official poster for the 2016 Olympia Zine Fest, and a wedding.


If you are in need of an event poster my rates are reasonable, I stick to my deadlines, and I promise to give you a unique, hand drawn poster design. Contact me for further details: erika at erika rier dot com


If you are interested in a wedding poster or invitation illustration, you can commission those through my shop.


May 24, 2016



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