Call & Response

Call & Response

Call & Response is an art zine collaboration between myself and Joel Fleminger. Joel is an abstract painter, who happens to also be my husband. Our work, and our approach to art, is really very different. While my work is based entirely upon figures and narratives, his is much more about colors, light, and composition.


We have collaborated a bit here and there over the past few years, working on sketchbook pieces together and a large, as-yet-unfinished painting. In the lead up to my attendance at the LA Zine Fest in March 2016, I wanted to create at least 6 new zines in about 6 weeks time. In that ambitious endeavor, I recruited Joel to collaborate on a zine with me. The idea was that we would create a series of pieces in response to each other. We would also create a few pieces together.


To start the series off, I said that my basic theme was Adam and Eve, which ended up being more Eve and the Serpent. Once we did the set of drawings, culminating in the centerfold, we restarted without a theme. Joel created the first drawing in the second set.


The zine includes 13 pieces all together as well as a few paragraphs written by each of us in response to the project. You can pick up of the zine, here, through my Etsy shop.


April 25, 2016


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