Bodies of Work.Regret.Water.

Bodies of Work.Regret.Water.

This zine came to being very late one night. I was thinking about contributing to Kiloran’s Body issue and was a volunteer for the overnight portion of 2016’s Portland Zine Symposium’s 24 Hour Zine Challenge. I was only at the event about 9 hours, so decided that I would created a zine but not actually print it out.


Since I was already thinking about the prompt “body”, I started a series of loose watercolor pieces that were a free association on the different ideas of what the word body brings to mind. It starts with the more superficial and then moves into my thoughts on my own body at the end.


I printed the zine in color, on a silky card stock. The binding for this zine is very unique, since I’d done very long paintings I wanted to be able to feature them in a way where the binding would not break the images. I had the idea of this binding which I’m calling “every page is a centerfold”. It consists of a series of single folds of card stock that are each glued together. The final result is a sturdy, bouncy, thick zine which features each painting uninterrupted.

You can get this zine in my shop or at an upcoming event. You can also see a digital version at Kiloran mag.


September 19, 2016


Zines & Comics

art zine, personal zine