A Gentlewoman’s Guide to Disposing of Enemies

A Gentlewoman’s Guide to Disposing of Enemies

The idea for this art comic zine came as I was brainstorming ideas for new zines and comics in the lead up to LA Zine Fest in early 2016. I had a long list which I brainstormed, but this particular idea I didn’t get to until August 2016.


A Gentlewoman’s Guide to Disposing of Enemies, started as an idea of a woman disposing of a human enemy but in a very medieval kind of way. As I started writing and sketching it, while I thought it seemed funny I feared it might just seem gruesome to most. I decided to switch the enemy to some sort of creature, but still didn’t feel like the reader had a real reason to root for the Gentlewoman. At this point, I’d decided to use my fire breathing dino creature, and realized he must be eating fuzzy animals throughout the comic because then, of course, everyone would want him disposed of.


The lettering for the book was done with ink while the illustrations are ink and gouache. The zine itself is printed in color and black and white and measure 5.5″ x 8.5″. The cover is a nice medium weight vellum bristol paper.


You can pick up a copy in my shop or at an upcoming event.


September 19, 2016


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