666 Days of Dark Magic

666 Days of Dark Magic

I love the focus I get from assigning myself a daily drawing challenge. Drawing within a specified theme for a certain period of time pushes me as an artist and helps develop my skill further. As 2017 comes to a close, I find myself wanting a project that will last throughout the year, further than a year. a project that will help me start my day with an easy end goal. My work over the past few years has been really focused on myth, magic, and ritual so this theme, 666 Days of Dark Magic, is a slightly tongue-in-cheek spin on the dark forces present in my work.


666 Days of Dark Magic is not really about dark magick at all, instead it’s about our culture’s current obsession with all things pretty and perfect. We all want it to appear as if our lives are 24/7 #blessed, when in fact, we struggle everyday with the dark parts of ourselves and a world that increasingly feels as if it might actually be under the influence of dark magick.


While at its heart this project is nothing more than an overly ambitious drawing project, it asks you to stop ignoring the dark magick that is holding you back. Let it into the open, examine it, and understand it. The only obvious solution to slaying darkness is to drag it into the light.


December 28, 2017



daily drawing, series