New Patreon Reward Levels

New Patreon Reward Levels

I’ve been using the platform, Patreon, for some time now but recently redid all my subscription levels. I love the idea of Patreon as it gives me a chance to share exclusive content with my biggest fans, pushes me to make new work specifically for them, and once it takes off, can help me fund projects that I’m working to create.


Printing zines and investing in materials as well as trying to start thinking bigger with projects such as murals and installations, requires money. Patreon gives me a chance to have my followers invest in me and my work and get some pretty awesome rewards in the process.


I want to make this accessible for all followers so have started the subscription levels super low, you can support me and get exclusive content starting at $1 per month! Here is a rundown of my basic reward levels:

  • $1 per month: downloadable coloring pages, digital backgrounds for your devices, and sneak peeks
  • $3 per month: everything above + weekly digital comics
  • $6 per month: above perks + Zine of the Month mailed to you
  • $16 per month: all the previous rewards + my newest product(s) mailed to your doorstep every month!!

Patreon is a great way for you to get loads of fun stuff and to really help an artist like me to survive. Please, go check it out, and start getting some awesome rewards today!


Here is a sneak peek of one of the first weekly comics from a little bit ago: